Integrate diversity and class in your flowerbeds with salvias. These old garden favorites have charmed landscapes for centuries and they continue to dazzle perennial borders each spring as towering spikes of blues and reds majestically burst from brilliant seas of green. Steadfast soldiers of the South, perennial salvias can withstand even the hottest days of … Read more

With autumn drawing near and the sweltering summer temperatures finally giving way to cooler nights, it seems almost bearable to work in your yard again. Indeed, fall’s onset brings not only light winds and breezy days, but it also begets the gorgeous tones of yellow, orange, and bronze as the leaves of surrounding shrubs and … Read more

As the August sun emblazes our stifling summer skies, gardeners gaze with despair across tired, weather-worn beds and ill-fated patio pots. Many of us plagued by drought earlier this spring, have grown weary of tugging hoses, shifting sprinklers, and praying for rain, some of us resorting to the notion that only the toughest will survive—a … Read more