The frost of February leaves nothing to its mercy in the garden. Spring buds are hiding and landscape design dependent upon bursts of color look abandoned. However, a winter garden with clipped boxwoods adjoining stone covered pathways offers symmetrical patterns and beauty in the grayest of days. This type of shrub-lined garden construction rose out … Read more

It was a cold northeastern day in February when I first attended the New York Antique and Garden exhibition held at the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue. Despite the report of an arriving snowstorm, the foliage-filled exhibition was packed with early birds, seeking spring treasures for their collections. An excited group of dealers hovered … Read more

Audubon Park in New Orleans has always been a paradise for runners. Few urban spaces offer a pathway so resplendent with the graceful archways of massive live oaks shading the winding roadways around the well manicured golf course. Not long ago, the Audubon Institute added a new surprise for its visitors. Four massive primitive figures … Read more

Columns have not only offered structural support for buildings since ancient times, they have provided grace and embellishment to architecture. In fact, the very presence of columns on buildings has defined styles of architecture, as we know it today. Many grand historical monuments are distinguished and noteworthy because of their interesting column presentations. Today, we … Read more

Picking up a stone pineapple finial with a finish appearing to be hundreds of years old, a client of mine asked, “Is this natural limestone or concrete?” Smiling, because I am asked this question often as a historical garden element consultant, “Neither,” I replied, “It is made of cast stone, a refined architectural art form … Read more