The archway of an arbor invites visitors to a front door. Cascading vines hanging from a graceful structure add beauty to an entranceway. Arbors come in many styles and can be made of wood, iron, fiberglass, and even twigs. There is a wide selection of vines that flourish on arbors in our Louisiana climate. An … Read more

Finding a groundcover for the shade might not get an easier than the hosta. Originating in the Orient, hostas were first discovered growing wild in Japan, China and Korea, with Japanese roots dating as far back as the eighth century. It was not until the late 1700’s that these Asian beauties could make it to … Read more

With summer’s warm embrace come the endless possibilities for outdoor entertaining. Whether you’re planning exhilarating pool parties and backyard barbeques, or you wish to engage in more serene, romantic dinners on the patio, make sure your landscape looks inviting all summer. Turn your garden into a luxuriant tropical paradise by incorporating exotic plants like Hibiscus, … Read more

Columns have not only offered structural support for buildings since ancient times, they have provided grace and embellishment to architecture. In fact, the very presence of columns on buildings has defined styles of architecture, as we know it today. Many grand historical monuments are distinguished and noteworthy because of their interesting column presentations. Today, we … Read more

Brighten up your shade garden this spring by planting caladiums. The tropical foliage of these tuberous perennials can provide an abundance of color in almost any landscape. Originally from the Amazon, caladiums thrive in Louisiana’s hot summers looking resilient when many other annuals begin to wane. Caladiums come in alluring hues and can be accents … Read more

If your thoughts are tangled about how to cover unsightly walls or fences this spring, wrap your mind around some of these bold, trailing plants. Flowering vines add elegance and style to any garden. With today’s hectic schedules, Louisiana gardeners often settle for a “drive-by” effect with their landscapes by planting only foundation shrubs near … Read more

If you collect plants like most garden enthusiasts, you’re probably wondering how you can extend your growing season for tropical favorites like hibiscus, night blooming cereus, bromeliads, and orchids. By this time each year, kitchen windowsills are usually teeming with miscellaneous collections of last summer’s rex begonias, pothos ivies, and jade plants, while carports might … Read more

A poet might write, “The joy of fresh flowers is a forever experience, delighting initially and living on in memory.” A thoughtfully arranged vase, full of handpicked flowers can bring a ray of sunshine to any room. Even the simplest wild flower, gathered by a child beaming with pride can bring happiness to the one … Read more

Fascination with water is a universal experience. The ebb and flow of ocean waves against the shore strikes a chord in our souls. The sounds of a trickling brook breaking over tumbled river rock provide tranquility for those who sit by its banks. Waterfalls cascading over mountains falling into clear blue pools below evoke images … Read more

Jazz up your garden this fall with the bright, iridescent hues of Cassias. Having originated from both the tropics and the West Indies, these annuals and tender perennials thrive in our sweltering summers and balmy autumns. Plant just one or two of these brilliant beauties and you’ll be amazed at how much vibrant color radiates … Read more