The frost of February leaves nothing to its mercy in the garden. Spring buds are hiding and landscape design dependent upon bursts of color look abandoned. However, a winter garden with clipped boxwoods adjoining stone covered pathways offers symmetrical patterns and beauty in the grayest of days. This type of shrub-lined garden construction rose out … Read more

It was a cold northeastern day in February when I first attended the New York Antique and Garden exhibition held at the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue. Despite the report of an arriving snowstorm, the foliage-filled exhibition was packed with early birds, seeking spring treasures for their collections. An excited group of dealers hovered … Read more

Andrew Marvell paints a Bacchanalian picture with his poetic lyrics in “The Garden” as he imagines himself blithely rambling amid a paradise of sumptuous fresh fruit. Create a seventh heaven of your own by planting an orchard of fruit trees in your backyard; you are sure to reap the benefits of an opulent and satisfying … Read more

As the western sun sets on the waning eyes of the moss rose and casts its pinkish orange rays on the once exuberant hibiscus, a whole new world surreptitiously comes to life. The nocturnal garden awakens in a sort of seductive secrecy, and passionate whispers of affection clamor stridently from the daintiest of four o’clocks … Read more

Strawberries can be one of the easiest and most rewarding crops to grow in Louisiana. The tantalizing red skin and succulent flesh of these round berries entice home gardeners each year as amateurs and experts alike try their hand at growing some of these deliciously popular fruits. Not only praised for their striking appearance and … Read more

Until recently, Ron and I shared a small one bedroom apartment in Baton Rouge, where on Saturday mornings we would drink fresh hazelnut coffee on our far-from-cozy 4’x5′ balcony. We looked down with envy from our third floor slab of concrete, as we watched cherry laurels below being rustled by cedar waxwings and listened half-heartedly … Read more

The illustrious French gardens of Versailles served as an inspiration for many of Louisiana’s grand estates and plantations. The French, however, were not the first to create this elaborate style of landscape design. It was the Italians during the 15th century Renaissance that advanced the concept of formal walkways, steep terracing, parterres, innumerable fountains, and … Read more

If you’re feeling restricted this summer in your art of gardening, step outside the lines of your flowerbed, and experiment with an alternate type of landscape design – container gardening. For plant enthusiasts with limited bed space, or for those who simply have to have that one more flower in their collection, container gardening provides … Read more

Finding a groundcover for the shade might not get an easier than the hosta. Originating in the Orient, hostas were first discovered growing wild in Japan, China and Korea, with Japanese roots dating as far back as the eighth century. It was not until the late 1700’s that these Asian beauties could make it to … Read more

Liven up your landscape by creating a sensory garden. Most of us pick our plants based on favorite colors, height combinations, and textural contrasts. But why stop with visuals? Bring fragrance to your garden by planting sweet-scented roses, banana shrubs, or sweet olives. Enjoy the low buzzing of bees and cheerful chirping of birds by … Read more