Although Los Angeles abounds in all kinds of furniture stores ranging from chain to non-chain ones, it’s not always easy to find a unique piece of furniture whenever you may need it as either a part of a new image of your home or a gift. Anyway, you still have the options coming in three … Read more

“A 16th century fabled race of dwarfed creatures who live underground and guard treasures, the ‘garden gnome” was created in 1860 in Graefenroda, a charming town in Thuringia, Germany” My husband and I purchased a pair of exceptional garden gnomes several years ago. These fine late 19th-century fellows are fashioned in cast iron and sport … Read more

The light reflecting through a glass window on a winter day is different than summer light. Its tones are cool, clear, almost blue. Behind the glass window we are warm, protected against the January cold. Now imagine a whole room made of glass and iron filled with winter light nurturing a verdant garden within. A … Read more

When dawn rises over the French Quarter, it sends sunbeams into the cascading foliage that hangs from the facades of buildings. The Bienville House Hotel’s much photographed flowering balconies are bathed in the morning sun, illuminated brilliantly until cool shadows creep over them. As the dawn rises over the rooftops, flickering over flower petals and … Read more

Audubon Park in New Orleans has always been a paradise for runners. Few urban spaces offer a pathway so resplendent with the graceful archways of massive live oaks shading the winding roadways around the well manicured golf course. Not long ago, the Audubon Institute added a new surprise for its visitors. Four massive primitive figures … Read more

On a sunny day, shafts of light ignite the 6,000-square-feet of jeweled-tone stained glass in the vaulted vestibules of the historic Sainte-Chapelle on the Ile de la Cité in the heart of Paris. Its enormous, storied rose window glows with a full spectrum of colors. However, if not for the diligent effort of preservationists who … Read more

Garden writer Elizabeth Lawrence once wrote that we have more beautiful weather in the fall than at any other time of the year. As the intensity of summer’s heat starts to wane, autumn’s crisp fresh air seems to breathe new energy into the plant life that abounds. If but for a moment, the grass grows … Read more

Great natural grottos found in the hills of ancient Rome were an inspiration for the creation of the wall fountain. Water gushing from walls of ragged rocks symbolized eternal life. Inspired by these mysterious waterfalls, the Romans recreated the grottos in natural and artificial forms. Throughout the centuries, the dramatic waterfalls found in grottos have … Read more

Massive boughs of a 100-year-old oak tree curve over the studio where designers Joe Colvin and Daniel Hastings create their new line of faux bois (false wood) furniture. Fashioning iron and stone into boughs of wood, the artists draw their inspiration from the natural beauty of Louisiana’s arbors. Creating curved limbs and snarled branch shaped … Read more

A putto’s presence symbolizes love, whether divine or of an earthly nature. A figure of a pudgy male baby, often naked and having wings, the putto is found especially in Italian Renaissance art. Putti surfaced during the 2nd century as a classical motif portrayed primarily on child sarcophagi, the ancient stone or marble coffins decorated … Read more