Let the sounds of summer echo through your garden and reverberate deep into the heart of nature. June lends itself to a symphony of sounds with the low murmur of bumblebees, the spirited songs of cardinals and blue jays, and the soft rustles of limbs atop live oaks and crape myrtles that gently blow with … Read more

Bring a touch of class to your garden with Japanese magnolias. Natives to China and Japan, these small oriental trees are fast becoming a favorite in the South, as they add color and interest throughout much of the year. Japanese magnolias (Magnolia x soulangiana) are bred in different sizes and hues today, but on the … Read more

As summer peeks around the corner, backyard festivities are heating up. From crawfish boils and barbeques to playing catch and hosting pool parties, if you enjoy entertaining, there is no doubt your landscape will be center stage for outdoor events over the next few months. Keep the excitement burning all season by creating a paradise … Read more

Nothing welcomes spring better than the tiny profusion of flowers that burst from the bare stems of ornamental flowering cherries, redbuds, and plums, to name a few. Their early flowering encourages a perennial hope in many gardeners that spring is soon on its way. A resurgence of new life is promised and born, since each … Read more

For centuries now, guava trees have been gracing the tropical regions of Mexico and Central and South America with their robust charm and spice. With their thick limbs outstretched, they have long provided shade for the inhabitants of the Amazon, as well as exotic colors and some of the finest tropical fruits you can imagine. … Read more

In the garden, nothing surpasses the beauty of witnessing last year’s perennials wake from their sleep and don themselves with tender sprigs of green. If you haven’t yet created a perennial garden of your own, build one this spring to help you design a lasting impression on both your landscape and returning visitors as well. … Read more

Dive into the psychedelic frenzy of color this spring by planting sun coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides), and you will no doubt get swept away by its tumultuous waves of grandeur. For if the old adage stands true that a picture paints a thousand words, then the illustrious leaves of coleus certainly hold a lifetime of evocative … Read more

As the bleak winter months continue to pass, most gardens still appear lifeless, save the sporadic bursts of yellow, pink, and white from intermittent groups of daffodils, tulips, and snowdrops. Pansies and violas, though bred for the long haul as our dependable cool-season annuals, don’t quite pack the punch when it comes to color in … Read more

Integrate diversity and class in your flowerbeds with salvias. These old garden favorites have charmed landscapes for centuries and they continue to dazzle perennial borders each spring as towering spikes of blues and reds majestically burst from brilliant seas of green. Steadfast soldiers of the South, perennial salvias can withstand even the hottest days of … Read more

Imagine biting into a freshly picked navel orange or a just ripened satsuma. The fruit’s exotic sugars dance wildly upon your tongue, while the delicate aroma of citrus gently fills the air. As you savor the taste of this season’s crop, the juice of your remaining fruit swiftly trickles down your hand, reminding you of … Read more