There is nothing quite as breathtaking as entering a greenhouse full of poinsettias in the middle of December. The brilliant sea of red, pink, and white triggers a passionate surge like no other; at least, that’s how grower Ron Fennell feels when he goes into work each morning. “I’m reminded of how truly satisfying my … Read more

The illusive hunt for the right Christmas tree is on. This annual tradition for many families takes various forms. Some take to the woods to cut down a wild fresh pine tree with a sharpened axe. Then there are those who pack up the family for a ride to the Mississippi Christmas tree farms where … Read more

There’s no hiding it. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I’m not sure if it’s the month long anticipation that makes me feel like a kid again, or if it’s the sharp scent of Fraser Fir that surges through my body every time I walk in my house. Either way, I’ll never outgrow that … Read more

If you collect plants like most garden enthusiasts, you’re probably wondering how you can extend your growing season for tropical favorites like hibiscus, night blooming cereus, bromeliads, and orchids. By this time each year, kitchen windowsills are usually teeming with miscellaneous collections of last summer’s rex begonias, pothos ivies, and jade plants, while carports might … Read more