With autumn drawing near and the sweltering summer temperatures finally giving way to cooler nights, it seems almost bearable to work in your yard again. Indeed, fall’s onset brings not only light winds and breezy days, but it also begets the gorgeous tones of yellow, orange, and bronze as the leaves of surrounding shrubs and … Read more

Jazz up your garden this fall with the bright, iridescent hues of Cassias. Having originated from both the tropics and the West Indies, these annuals and tender perennials thrive in our sweltering summers and balmy autumns. Plant just one or two of these brilliant beauties and you’ll be amazed at how much vibrant color radiates … Read more

While the rest of the country braces for the oncoming throes of winter, gardeners in Louisiana clench firmly to autumn’s last farewell. A warm copper sun burns wildly against a tired blue-grey sky, and exhales a gentle flush of ardor as it breathes one final glow upon fall’s finest landscapes. Mother Nature explodes into a … Read more

As the autumn sun glows, casting a coppery glaze across landscapes, our summer flowering shrubs, once full of energy and verve, now seem a bit antique in appearance. The verdant green foliage of firebush and nandinas are now scorched with bronze and scarlet. Spring flowering ‘Fashion’ and ‘Midnight Flare’ azaleas look almost as if dipped … Read more

As the August sun emblazes our stifling summer skies, gardeners gaze with despair across tired, weather-worn beds and ill-fated patio pots. Many of us plagued by drought earlier this spring, have grown weary of tugging hoses, shifting sprinklers, and praying for rain, some of us resorting to the notion that only the toughest will survive—a … Read more

Keep your garden fresh and flavorful this fall by growing your favorite culinary herbs. Easy to tend and practical to use, herbs promise exotic robust flavors and sharp, mouthwatering blends, combined with garden-ripe textures and rich, varying hues. Whether you’re hoping to harmonize a preexisting vegetable patch, or simply experimenting with a few patio pots, … Read more

As autumn breezes in, we embrace the cooler temperatures—a fresh welcome from the oppressive highs in August—and look forward to decelerating our lawn and garden chores. October, after all, is peak season for college football. My husband, like many others, has made it quite clear that his complete, undivided attention is strictly reserved for his … Read more