Although Los Angeles abounds in all kinds of furniture stores ranging from chain to non-chain ones, it’s not always easy to find a unique piece of furniture whenever you may need it as either a part of a new image of your home or a gift. Anyway, you still have the options coming in three … Read more

“A 16th century fabled race of dwarfed creatures who live underground and guard treasures, the ‘garden gnome” was created in 1860 in Graefenroda, a charming town in Thuringia, Germany” My husband and I purchased a pair of exceptional garden gnomes several years ago. These fine late 19th-century fellows are fashioned in cast iron and sport … Read more

Let the sounds of summer echo through your garden and reverberate deep into the heart of nature. June lends itself to a symphony of sounds with the low murmur of bumblebees, the spirited songs of cardinals and blue jays, and the soft rustles of limbs atop live oaks and crape myrtles that gently blow with … Read more

Bring a touch of class to your garden with Japanese magnolias. Natives to China and Japan, these small oriental trees are fast becoming a favorite in the South, as they add color and interest throughout much of the year. Japanese magnolias (Magnolia x soulangiana) are bred in different sizes and hues today, but on the … Read more

As summer peeks around the corner, backyard festivities are heating up. From crawfish boils and barbeques to playing catch and hosting pool parties, if you enjoy entertaining, there is no doubt your landscape will be center stage for outdoor events over the next few months. Keep the excitement burning all season by creating a paradise … Read more

Nothing welcomes spring better than the tiny profusion of flowers that burst from the bare stems of ornamental flowering cherries, redbuds, and plums, to name a few. Their early flowering encourages a perennial hope in many gardeners that spring is soon on its way. A resurgence of new life is promised and born, since each … Read more

The frost of February leaves nothing to its mercy in the garden. Spring buds are hiding and landscape design dependent upon bursts of color look abandoned. However, a winter garden with clipped boxwoods adjoining stone covered pathways offers symmetrical patterns and beauty in the grayest of days. This type of shrub-lined garden construction rose out … Read more

The light reflecting through a glass window on a winter day is different than summer light. Its tones are cool, clear, almost blue. Behind the glass window we are warm, protected against the January cold. Now imagine a whole room made of glass and iron filled with winter light nurturing a verdant garden within. A … Read more

For centuries now, guava trees have been gracing the tropical regions of Mexico and Central and South America with their robust charm and spice. With their thick limbs outstretched, they have long provided shade for the inhabitants of the Amazon, as well as exotic colors and some of the finest tropical fruits you can imagine. … Read more

It was a cold northeastern day in February when I first attended the New York Antique and Garden exhibition held at the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue. Despite the report of an arriving snowstorm, the foliage-filled exhibition was packed with early birds, seeking spring treasures for their collections. An excited group of dealers hovered … Read more